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Due to a low number of attendees, the Wellbeing game has been cancelled this time around.
We hope to see you soon & keep wondering!
Sheela & Shelley


  • Escape the stress and experience happiness and peace of mind more of the time?
  • Understand how to access wellbeing quickly and whenever you want?
  • Drop the heaviness and pick up the health and vitality available to you right now
  • Are you ready to do all this on the 3 week online Wellbeing Game experience?


Chris Boling

Value delivered was amazing!

“The most important thing I gained from it is realizing the unlimited potential and you are the only one stopping yourself from wondering and creativity”


The Wellbeing Game is prefaced on looking away from what we think we know and towards the unknown.

When we look to the unknown - through the power of wondering - and get a glimpse of our innate potential, we open the door to a whole new way of seeing and experiencing the world.

So much more is possible and available to us. A few examples from past participants include:

  • My body opens up and I love the energy it creates and the endless possibilities
  • Realizing I am not stuck with what I thought I was!
  • Blocks that looked solid dissolved without “doing” anything!
  • Seeing our own resourcefulness and knowing it’s always there
  • The presenting problem disappeared after minutes of playing the game
  • Feeling lighter and more playful about my health
  • And more because there are infinite possibilities


  • Starting 7th September for 3 consecutive weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • Join the private group live 3 days each weeks for an hour - from 7am HST, 10 am PST, 1 pm EST, 6 pm BST & 7 pm CET - on a private zoom call
  • Explore a different “challenge/topic” each day (any subject you choose, not just wellbeing) - split into different random groups of 3 - then share with your group
  • You’ll have 3x9 fresh opportunities to experience the power of wondering - you’ll get as much value in wondering about other people’s topics as you will about your own
  • Plus since the Wellbeing Game is a powerful catalyst to experience the infnite possibilities available to you - and through you - at all times - you’ll very likely notice possibilities ideas, people and opportunities turning up - not only during between the online sessions - but after the Game is over too!



“More creativity and resourcefulness!”

“This was a fun way to break the reliance on thinking to solve problems and to instead, tap into wisdom for more creativity and resourcefulness.

The 3 week format was perfect for establishing this new habit. The class time always went fast and there was great participation by everyone. Also, a great environment for making friends.”

I wonder what would happen if every single human being on the planet knew the unlimited potential they are and the endless possibilities available to them.


This Game has proved to offer such amazing results in a very short period of time and we want as many people as possible to experience it asap!

When you buy your ticket within the first 48 hours ie, before the end of midnight 2nd September EST

You will pay ONLY $49.95

After that, the price will revert to the normal selling price of $79.95



Gain new insight and find solutions!

“If you want to come up with fresh thinking in any subject, you must play the game! It is fabulous to experience (and see in others) how mindblowingly simple it is to gain new insight and find solutions where there weren’t any before.

Amazing experience to grow like this with a group of people who look in this direction together. I have never seen so much love and understanding appear in such a short amount of time. Truly inspiring!”


Why would I join a group to do this when I could do it with friends?

Great question and we agree, you could do this with friends, but will you? We all have great intentions of getting together with friends, colleagues, fellow students, etc, to practice, but experience has shown us that good intentions rarely equate to getting it done. We are taking it off your to do list and making it happen.

What if I don't have an issue/challenge/desire around wellbeing?

We are calling this The Wellbeing Game, but we could have called it the Relationship Game or the Career Game or the Lose Weight Game ... you get the picture. You can bring anything to the party. It may be that in your first session of the game you have a breakthrough around your health and you want to use the rest of the sessions to explore more deeply. The possibilities are endless.

What if I can’t make all the sessions?

There is no requirement to attend all the sessions. In fact, we wonder (pun intended!) if all sessions are required for players to have massive shifts in the way they see wellbeing and health.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes and no! The main session when we are together at the beginning and discussion of insights and results of the game will be recorded. The private groups of 3 are totally confidential and will not be recorded. The recordings will be available to participants ONLY.

Why 3 weeks?

Some people say if takes 21 days to create a new habit. Who knows whether or not that’s true for everyone. But it has been true for us that the more we have played the game the more it seems to be happening naturally in our everyday lives. The language has “magically” inserted itself into our every day. We hear ourselves wondering far more often than ever before. Maybe the muscle of wondering has been developed?!

Will I be partnered with the same 2 people every session?

No! Each day you will be partnered with new people. That way you get to wonder with new people. Also, remember the insights are happening through you - whether it’s you sharing a “stuckness” or you being “the wonderer.”

What if I only have one challenge /issue, what will I do for the other 8 sessions?

What we have found with past groups is that there is no limit to what we can see and experience. So turning to the unknown for any amount of sessions and having fun with it can have results way beyond what we’ve even imagined or dreamed of.

You can have fun while exploring new possibilities for your wellbeing!

If you are ready to have fun and experience more freedom and peace of mind, then click the button and join us!