About Us

Aloha! My name is Chris Boling and I have been a part of greenteaHAWAII since it’s inception 10 years ago and owner for the past 7 years.

My background has been in the medical field since I was 18 years old. I was an Air Evacuation Medic in the Air Force for 6 years then practiced for 13 years as an Occupational Therapist when I was introduced to greenteaHAWAII by the previous owner.

I tried it out for 2 months and not only lost 18 lbs. but lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure without medication, which had never occurred before in my family’s history.I was amazed and decided to start distributing the tea at the Waialua Farmers Market and the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet on the weekends and within 6 months I decided to go full-time distributing greenteaHAWAII.

When I bought the company four years ago I increased the green tea antioxidants & Noni concentration. I removed all of the artificial sweeteners, colors, and additives. I added a line for the kids since they consume so many sugary unhealthy drinks here on Oahu, we wanted to offer other healthier options that taste great and is good for them too!

My entire adult life has been about helping others feel better and now I get to help thousands of people everyday through the healing benefits of greenteaHAWAII. I hope you will try it and enjoy receiving the healing benefits of greenteaHAWAII like I did! I currently still answer all of the 800# calls because I want to know directly from you what you think about greenteaHAWAII. I love hearing how our tea positively impacts people’s lives daily and I work diligently to take care of any customer concerns!

‘Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better’ is our mission statement and we believe that greenteaHAWAII should be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Chris Boling, President