About Us

greenteaHAWAII is a healthy beverage company headquartered on Oah'u, Hawaii, that started in 2010 with a single functional green tea beverage. Chris Boling, owner & President, is formerly a distributor who bought the company in July 2013. Boling's background in the medical field started when he was just eighteen years old as an Air Evacuation Medic in the U.S. Air Force, where he served for eight years. Later, he practiced as an Occupational Therapist for fourteen years. Quality of life has always been a mainstay for the Boling family, starting with overall health. Sharing these functional ingredients and educating about what makes them so exceptional is truly Boling's passion. 

Boling first tried greenteaHAWAII's flagship beverage, the tea drink, for two months. In that short time, he lost 18 lbs. His overall health improved related to blood pressure and cholesterol as well. Evidence-based benefits of green tea catechins, specifically epigallocatechin-3-gallate, also known as EGCG, are potent antioxidants that support and optimize a number of the body's functions, including thermogenesis for fat loss. The experience led him to become a local distributor. As a weekend vendor at the Waialua Farmers Market and the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, he decided to go full-time distributing greenteaHAWAII after just six months and 3 years later bought the company. Today, independent distributors are located in Hawaii, mainland USA, Canada and Australia. 

Boling teamed up with the manufacturer to improve the formulations by increasing the green tea antioxidants (EGCG), a nootropic known as L-Theanine, and the noni fruit concentration. During the reformulation process, all artificial sweeteners, colors, and additives were removed. The tea is also just ten calories with less than two net carbs. greenteaHAWAII is available in single-serve packets added to eight to sixteen ounces of hot, room temp, or ice water. Some people love it hot and have adopted it as a coffee replacement, while others take the refresher approach and prepare it ice-cold.

Chris's mission for greenteaHAWAII is to help people lead healthy and happy lives, give back (1% for Kids Hurt Too Hawaii), and share the beauty of Hawaii and the essence of "Mahalo" to live in gratitude. Our functional tea can truly help improve people's quality of life. In the far Eastern regions of the world, people have known and benefitted from green tea and noni fruit for thousands of years. Our modern-day product makes the most of these ingredients in a convenient single-serve packet in many flavors that delight the senses.