Product FAQ

How does GTH help with weight loss?

  1. greenteaHAWAII may suppress your appetite 15-20%.
  2. greenteaHAWAII may help you release the visceral body fat that gathers around our core area.
  3. If taken 20-30 minutes before meals, greenteaHAWAII may help the body pass the fats and lipids from consumed foods rather than storing them in your body (may block the production of the enzyme lipase).

Why GTH versus regular green tea?

greenteaHAWAII is a concentrate of green tea antioxidants so each serving offers you many more antioxidants than a regular cup of green tea. By comparison, you would need to consumer 60 cups of green tea to get the same antioxidant benefit of our proprietary supplement tea blend. Our tea has added noni fruit, L-theanine, and an enjoyable, never bitter, taste. If you don’t like the taste of regular green tea or noni fruit, do not worry -- we are confident that you will prefer the taste and variety of greenteaHAWAII flavors available. Many customers who have committed to the recommended twice daily regimen have experienced notable fat loss month over month and are successfully keeping it off. 

What is noni fruit?

For years the Hawaiians (& many others around the world) have fermented noni fruit and drank the juice as an elixir to improve their health. Amazing results have been reported and are known even to this day in our communities. What some people don’t realize is that noni fruit juice has a strong taste that few tolerate in the name of health! Some of us less with less tolerant palates, prefer noni in the powder form. We use all of the plant in our supplement tea. Like green tea's epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), noni is also loaded with antioxidants, and may support improvement to inflammation, pain, and detox process. 

How many can I drink a day?

People on average drink greenteaHAWAII twice daily, which is recommended to get the most benefit, but some have been known to drink it more regularly as their preferred beverage in addition to water. The FDA suggests that adults not consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. Each of our single-serving supplement tea packets contain sixty (60) milligrams of caffeine. 

Are the ingredients non-GMO?

Yes, all the ingredients are non-GMO, gluten free and vegan.

Can I mix it up the night before?

No! After 3 hours of exposure to water the antioxidants begin to oxidize. Our single-serve packets are designed to be prepared at the moment that you are ready to consume it! The fact is that all pre-mixed green tea drinks in the stores have no antioxidants from green tea at all. 

How does it help with energy?

Absolutely! It is a healthy caffeinated energy drink that also supports alertness and focus due to L-Theanine. Our green tea derived supplement tea contains sixty (60) milligrams caffeine per sixteen (16) ounce serving, and because of the L-Theanine you are unlikely to experience jitters or adrenal disfunction like you may with coffee and many sugary energy drinks.

Is it safe for children?

Generally, it is advised that you use discretion when introducing children to caffeine. Many popular eight (8) ounce soda's today contain anywhere from thirty-four (34) milligrams to fifty-seven (57) milligrams of caffeine. Sixteen (16) ounces of greenteaHAWAII has sixty (60) milligrams of green tea derived caffeine. If that is not appropriate for your child, we also have a non-caffeinated choice, which is our electrolyte product, Keiki Edition, containing electrolytes, vitamin C, green tea extract and noni fruit. It does not contain any caffeine. Many adults with an active lifestyle also enjoy our Keiki Edition as well.

What about when I am pregnant or nursing?

greenteaHAWAII should not be drank during the first trimester as many physicians recommend a specific supplement regimen. After the first-trimester, pregnant women should consult with their care provider or physician concerning the consumption of caffeinated beverages. After pregnancy, it is typically ok for breast feeding mothers to resume caffeine consumption, but should still be in consultation with their care provider or physician. 

What is the shelf life of greenteaHAWAII? What if the product in the sachet is hardened? Is it still good?

greenteaHAWAII can last up to thirty-six (36) months or three (3) years as long as it is not exposed to extreme heat or moisture. Be careful not to leave product in a hot car. 


What is the Keiki product?

Our Keiki Edition is our natural electrolyte supplement, with vitamin C, and a small amount of non-caffeinated green tea extract and noni fruit. It has only two (2) grams of organic cane sugar and a small amount of stevia. It comes in a ten (10) count box and is available in three (3) flavors: Maui Mango, Big Island Strawberry, and Molokai Melon.