National Ocean’s Month Feature: Taylor Dewey - Her Lens Beneath the Waves

National Ocean’s Month Feature: Taylor Dewey - Her Lens Beneath the Waves

In the vast, swirling expanses of the world's oceans, where life burgeons in silence and mystery, Taylor Dewey finds her calling. Living on the picturesque island of Oahu, Hawaii, Taylor's life is a testament to the profound connection one can have with the ocean. Her journey is not just about capturing the beauty beneath the waves but also about advocating for the protection of this vital ecosystem. As we celebrate National Ocean’s Month, we spotlight Taylor Dewey, an ocean photographer whose work and life embody the spirit of celebrating women, exploration, conservation, and inspiration.

Taylor's relationship with the ocean began in her childhood, marked by an ever-growing appreciation and love for the sea. After college, she dove deeper into this relationship by joining One Ocean Diving, focusing on business operations and marketing. It was here that she honed her skills in interacting with sharks, enriching her understanding and enhancing her safety as a diver. But Taylor's education did not stop with her professional experience; she continued to learn both from books and the vast, open classroom of the ocean itself.

Now an accomplished underwater photographer and an avid ocean conservationist, Taylor has explored the marine environments of Hawaii, Fiji, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and French Polynesia. Whether aboard a boat, trekking through the mountains, or tending to her garden, her camera is her constant companion, capturing the world through her unique lens.

Taylor's passion extends beyond the realm of photography. She is a vocal advocate for ocean conservation and sustainability, translating her dedication into actionable change. From organizing beach and reef cleanups to practicing gardening and composting, Taylor leads by example, embodying the change she wishes to see in the world. Her mission is clear: to inspire change by collaborating with brands, businesses, and organizations making a tangible impact on the planet.

This mission of inspiring change and turning fear into fascination is at the heart of Taylor's work. Through her lens, she invites us to view the underwater world from an authentic and personal perspective, urging us to care for the ocean and to enact change in our daily lives. Her storytelling, combined with her creative photography, project production, creative direction, and content creation, seeks to make a lasting impact on the world. Taylor's life, shared with her husband Cobian, is one of adventure, discovery, and creativity.

In honor of National Ocean’s Month, we celebrate Taylor Dewey, whose work illuminates the depths of our oceans and inspires us to protect these crucial ecosystems. Her journey reminds us of the power of passion, the importance of conservation, and the impact one individual can have on the world.


Q: Can you share a specific moment or encounter during your underwater explorations that reinforced your commitment to ocean conservation?

A: The first time a Humpback whale looked me in the eye, it was like time froze and I just knew that we were both wildly aware of each others' presence and it was beautiful. Every moment in the ocean changes my life and perspectives but this especially was unique and has always stuck out to me. I've had several incredible encounters with Humpbacks since then, one that lasted an hour. Not moving or swimming just existing, looking at each other. I am in such awe of marine life.

Q: You've expressed a love for Tiger Sharks, a species often misunderstood by the public. How do you approach the challenge of turning fear into fascination through your photography and storytelling?

A: I think this is a very fine line. Because it's more about respecting them and being able to be aware in the water. Rather than turning a blind eye to how capable they are, which can also be dangerous. I hope to use my work to show that we can co-exist and transform fear to fascination.

Q: Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that particularly excite you?

A: I am collaborating with Groundtruth ( on instagram) they are coming out with a documentary and I love what they're doing right now. I think they are going to make big waves in this space/for ocean conservation.

Taylor Dewey's journey is a beacon of inspiration, showing us that we can each make a difference in preserving the beauty and vitality of our planet’s oceans with passion and dedication.

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