Green Tea Extract and Heart Health

Green Tea Extract and Heart Health

According to research-backed “Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea Extract” a study showed that 56 obese people with high blood pressure took 379 mg of green tea extract daily for three months. The results showed that the participants in the study had a significant decrease in blood pressure, compared to the placebo group. They also experienced reduced blood fat levels, including lower triglycerides and total and LDL cholesterol. 

In another study, 33 healthy people took 250mg of green tea extract per day for eight weeks and reduced total cholesterol by 3.9% and LDL cholesterol by 4.5%.  Our greenteaHAWAII contains 540mg green tea extract, noni fruit extract and L-Theanine. In all, greenteaHAWAII contains up to 45 times more antioxidants than are found in just one 1 cup of green tea. You too, can experience the benefits of daily green tea extract by drinking greenteaHAWAII twice daily before meals.  Buy greenteaHAWAII now


- May support appetite reduction by 15- 20%

- May support a healthy metabolism May support healthy energy levels

- May support body fat reduction May support overall health and longevity

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